About ME

I'm Ebba, a 26 year old content creator from Sweden.

I create content in both English and Swedish.

With a background as an influence photographer ,interior designer, flight attendant, makeup- and clothing stylist

I can offer a wide range of different content.

I can provide high quality content with real life experiences and knowledge.

I love to create visually aesthetic, ad content, related to beauty, travel, lifestyle, interior design, and fashion.

My intention is to act as a reliable source for consumers, while working with product-based brands to deliver high-quality organic and captivating content.

My process is fast, flexible and insights-driven.


Organic video

Skincare Demo

For Bovou's TikTok

La Roche-Posay

app DEMO

Testimonial haircare

Capsule App

KolaiI Argan Oil



Wow Hair

Anastasia Blush Stick



For Tweek's Socials

For DOM's Socials



La Roche-Posay

Capsule App



Bovou Jewelry

Via Color (Swedish Voiceover)





I will become your target customer.


'User Generated Content' is the leading way to build trust with your audience and influence purchase decisions. People trust people and that's why relatable content delivers results.

With every piece of content, I strive to deliver a feeling, an emotion that influences the viewer to take action. I take on the character traits, pains, and desires that your ideal customer has.

Within the first 3 seconds, I aim to ignite a question in your audience that only the video can answer, cliff-hangers, fast moving and exciting content. I'll ensure the content is visually inviting and leaves the viewers wanting more.

When looking at engagement, UGC content gathered 73% more positive comments on social networks than ads. Boosting engagement is one thing but fostering that amount of positive engagement is even better.

90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support.

79% of consumers say UGC impacts their purchasing decisions.

When it comes to brand awareness, UGC beats traditional ads in this department too. 31% of consumers say advertisements that feature UGC content are more memorable and relatable than traditional ads.

An outline of what my process looks like from start to finish.


Step One:

We will discuss your brands goals, expected deliverables, and find a content package that works for both parties. This conversation may happen over a scheduled call, or Email exchange.

Step Two:

A contract will be sent over to you if you do not already provide one.

If you do provide a contract, I will take one day to look over it thoroughly. If everything looks good, I will send over the signed contract the following day.

Step Three:

(If products are involved)

I will send over my shipping address so you are able to arrange delivery.

Step Five:

While continuing to wait for product delivery, I will come up with specific video concepts based on our previous discussion on deliverables, and brand analysis/research.

I will write the scripts based on these concepts, utilizing strong hooks and CTA’s. (if not already provided by you)

Step Four:

Upon waiting for the product to be delivered, I will conduct brand market research and analyze the following:

— Your competitors

— Your brand aesthetic

— Your most successful content

— Your target audience and the kind of content they like to consume and engage with

Step Six:

At this point, I will receive the product in the mail. I will shoot and edit the content upon arrival.

I will provide you with the first fully edited draft no later than 3 days after i received the product.

You will receive the watermarked content to review. From there, you’re able to request any revisions you’d like, and I will reshoot or edit the content according to those requests.

Step Seven:

Once you are happy with the watermarked content, I will go ahead and send over the invoice.

Step Eight:

After the invoice has been fulfilled, you will receive the unwatermarked content.


Please send me an email with some information about your brand and your expectations of our collaboration!

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